DWI Announces Merger

Nc2Dearson Winyard International is delighted to announce its merger with Newland Chase.

Newland Chase offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of immigration, working with worldwide organisations and individuals alike to manage their global mobility needs, regardless of where they live or where they must migrate.

As part of Newland Chase, our support is now truly global.

The Newland Chase footprint spans across 50+ offices across 15 countries including various countries in Europe, the UK, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, UAE and the USA.

In each country, Newland Chase immigration specialists have a deep understanding of the challenges of managing a mobile workforce.

Newland Chase’s extended international presence will allow us to better meet our clients’ immigration needs around the world with a single local point of contact.

DWI will continue to provide our usual high standards of UK immigration support and assistance from the staff in London.

We are truly excited about this next stage of our continuing journey in providing excellence in UK immigration.

* * * *



Will Tories Uphold ‘Tens Of Thousands’ Net Migration Pledge?

The Prime Minister has strongly indicated that the Conservatives will once again set a ‘tens of thousands’ target on net migration in their election manifesto.

austinSpeaking in Harrow on Monday, Theresa May told journalists that the government is committed to bringing net migration down to ‘sustainable levels’, adding: “We believe that is the tens of thousands.”

The comments came just a day after Home Secretary Amber Rudd seemed to suggest that the target could be dropped. Asked on BBC Radio 5 Live whether the Conservative manifesto would include the target, Ms Rudd said: “It’s not going to be identical to the last one.”

Net migration – the difference between the number of people moving to the UK for more than a year and the number of people leaving the UK for more than a year – stood at 273,000 in the year to September 2016.

The ‘tens of thousands’ target was a commitment repeated by the Conservatives in 2015, despite being repeatedly missed since it was included in their 2010 manifesto.

The Conservatives have been widely criticised over the target. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the Tories hadn’t got “anywhere near it on any occasion at all”, whilst Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said it was a product of political manoeuvring and “meant very little”.

The Independent recently reported that a poll of 1,000 people taken by Ipsos MORI found that only 18% thought the Government will achieve its goal of cutting net migration to the ‘tens of thousands’.

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