DWI – Leaders In Information Security Management


Dearson Winyard International is the first and only organisation in the UK immigration sector to be awarded the coveted ISO 27001, the International Standard for Information Security Management (ISMS).

Information is critical to the success of our business. Unless that information is secure and reliable, we cannot service our clients’ needs, nor work effectively as a team.

Increasingly, ISO 27001 is a question asked of businesses as part of their legal and regulatory obligations, particularly by national and local government and professional governing bodies.

By proactively adopting the standard, Dearson Winyard is creating a platform for improvement and underpinning our core values of customer satisfaction and continual service evaluation; enhancing service delivery through our dedicated specialist team; and applying the key principles of accountability and integrity.

Our team takes information security very seriously. We place great emphasis on:

  • Confidentiality: protecting sensitive information from unauthorised disclosure or intelligible interception
  • Integrity: safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information and software
  • Availability: ensuring that information and vital services are available to users when required

Public concern over security issues and potential breaches has increased over the last few years and Dearson Winyard places very high importance on the impact that a security incident may have, not only on our business, but that of our clients.

Our ISO 27001 certification cements the dependability of our information security management systems, and reinforces our focus on quality, clients, teamwork and results.


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